Policies and Procedures

Welcome to Liberty Elementary Media Center


Mrs. Laura Boland - Librarian Media Specialist

Welcome to the Library Media Center. Our main goals are to promote the love of reading and to support the curriculum of our students. You are welcome to contact us with any questions.

Checkout Procedures and Policies

Accelerated Reader: Students choose books for AR based on the reading level that their classroom teacher thinks is appropriate for student success and academic growth.

Periodical Checkout: The media center has a wide selection of magazines available for students to read in the media center. Click here to view our selection of student periodicals.

Book Checkout: Students go to the library a minimum of once a week. Number of books that students may have checked out at a time:
Kindergarten - 1 book
First grade - 2 books
Second grade - 2 books
Third grade - 3 books
Fourth grade - 3 books
Fifth grade - 4 books
Special arrangements are made for additional books needed for class projects and assignments.

Lost/Damaged Books
Books are checked out for one week and are considered overdue after that time. We do not charge elementary children late fines. Students may be charged a fee for any damages to books that occurred during the check out period. If the book is damaged beyond repair, the students will be required to pay the replacement cost of the book.

Challenged Books

If a student or parent feels that a book is not appropriate for that student, the book may be returned to the library and exchanged for a more appropriate one. If a student, parent, or teacher feels that the book is not appropriate for any students at LES, the principal should be notified. The principal will follow the district procedures for reviewing a challenged book.