Policies and Procedures

Welcome to Liberty Elementary Media Center

Mrs. Brandi Roper- Teacher Librarian/ Media Specialist

Welcome to the Library Media Center. Our main goals are to promote a love for reading and support the curriculum of our students. You are welcome to contact me with any questions.

The mission of LES media center is to be the heart of LES by collaborating with teachers, administrators, and community members to select materials that will enhance learning and encourage creative, curious, and thriving readers.

Checkout Procedures and Policies

Book Checkout: Students check out books weekly from the library. All students are permitted to check out 3 books. They are encouraged to check out one fiction, one nonfiction, and one of their choice. Special arrangements can be made for additional books needed for class assignments.

Rules for book care:

  1. Keep your books clean and dry.
  2. Keep your books away from pets.
  3. Read your book with clean hands.
  4. Keep your books away from little kids.
  5. No food or drinks around your books.
  6. Do not color or draw in books.
  7. Put your books in your book bag after reading them.
  8. Bring them back to the library each week.
  9. MOST IMPORTANT, Enjoy your books!

Our books are shared with everyone in our school. We must take extra special care of them.

Periodical Checkout:

The media center has a wide selection of magazines available for students to read in the media center.

Lost/Damaged Books:

Books are checked out for one week. After that time, they are considered overdue. We do not charge elementary children late fines, but students will not be permitted to check out more books if they have overdue books until books are returned or marked lost. Special arrangements can be made based on individual circumstances. Students may be charged for damaged or lost books in order to repair or replace books.

Challenged Books:

If a student or parent feels that a book in not appropriate for that student, the book may be returned to the library and exchanged for a more appropriate one. If a student, parent, or teacher feels that a book is not appropriate for any students at LES, the principal should be notified. The principal will follow the district procedures for reviewing a challenged book.