Staff Directory

Administration and Instructional Support

Lowell Haynes, Principal
Jamie Few, Assistant Principal
Mary Anne Fabian, Guidance Counselor
Jenifer Griffis, Reading Instructional Coach
Kimberly Martin, Math Instructional Coach
Dawn Miller, Title I Instructional Specialist

Kindergarten Teachers and Assistants

Rachel Coates and Sunshine Dennis
Kristen Gilstrap and Connie Hartsell
Dawn Young and Donna Oliva

1st Grade Teachers

Mandy Park
Anita Porter
Crystal Skelton

2nd Grade Teachers

Daisy Duncan
Sarah Limbaugh

Salley Smith
Kimberly Tate

3rd Grade Teachers

Fredda Haley
Kristin Hall
Brenda Kingrea
Monica Masters

4th Grade Teachers

Dani Koelzer
Lorie Sampson
Jessica Satterfield

5th Grade Teachers

Brian Garrett
Meghan Greer
Brian Townsend

Related Arts Teachers

Jason Blalock, Art
Barrett Rampey, Technology
Brandi Roper, Librarian
Terry Patterson, Physical Education
Lisa Stone, Music
Michael Turner, Physical Education

Special Area Faculty

Suzanne Aldridge, Special Education Services
Angel Baldwin, Nurse
Renee Anders, Reading Intervention
Ginger Chastain, Special Education Services
Kelly Gilstrap, Reading Intervention
Mandy Green, School Psychologist
Suzanne Merck, Gifted and Talented
Paige Partridge, Special Education Services
Samantha Proctor, Speech
Tara Vasquez, Social Worker
Mary Witmer, ESOL

Support Staff

Shawn Roper, Plant Engineer
Kathryn Holcombe, Secretary
Martha Holliday, Custodian
Amanda Phillips, Cafeteria Manager
Suzyee Phillips, AfterSchool Care Director
Kaitlyn Prochak, Data Entry Clerk

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