A visit to any classroom in our school reveals our belief that technology is the key to our students' success in the 21st century. Every K-2 classroom is equipped with at least five laptop computers and seven iPads with wireless capability to allow freedom of movement in the classroom. 3rd grade classes have one iPad for each student.  4th and 5th grade classrooms have one Chromebook (laptop) for each student.  Classroom teachers use technology daily as an integral part of instruction, to monitor and assess student progress, and to communicate with parents. Our teachers use Polyvision boards along with digital presenters, ActivExpressions, and iPads to present interactive, multi-media lessons that include flipcharts, videos, music and other electronic media.

LES students engage in blogging through a safe Internet environment on Schoology, our district's Learning Management System, about topics they have studied throughout the day. Our students are engaged in projects that are enhanced through technology, such as creating iMovies of a type of figurative language or topic they've studied, interactive Venn Diagrams and other projects which are completed with the use of classroom devices and labs.

LES has purchased and provided both school and home access to several Internet based learning tools such as Capstone Interactive, an award winning online interactive library, and PebbleGo,an online research tool for younger students. Please contact your child's teacher for logins and passwords.

Our school website provides parents with current announcements, homework, newsletters and lesson plans from classroom teachers. It also enables parents to keep track of their child's progress with online access to grades which are updated daily. 

SDPC Technology Policies and Procedures

The School District of Pickens County is committed to providing all students with a technology-rich learning environment. With the support of our school board, we strive to build and maintain a 21st Century technology infrastructure, along with engaging software that requires higher-level thinking skills. Through the Technology Resource Teacher program, The School District of Pickens County also
provides sustained and timely professional development and coaching that encourages the use of technology in innovative ways.

Vision Statement